Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Tomato Pie?

Yes it is exactly that, and it is a sweet pie rather than savory. As odd as it may sound it is really delicious. It is similar to an apple pie in many ways. I followed the recipe from food network with a few exceptions. I omitted the raisins. I like raisins, I just don't typically like them in things. After tasting it tonight I can say they would have brought in nothing else but more sweetness which in my opinion this did not need at all. I also didn't use the pie crust recipe they had as a part of it. It looks like a good recipe but I have a family recipe I love and can make by feel so I don't mess around. If you are like many other people and don't make your own crust go ahead and use your favorite store bought brand. I won't judge. (much)

The taste was really quite unique, it definitely says "hey I'm and apple pie" and then it says "well maybe not quite, I have citrusy flavor and savory quality that is not quite apple" followed but "you really want another bite of me though."

As a way to use up a lot of green tomatoes, readily available this time of year I would definitely encourage you to try this. I am tempted to try dredging the slices in a completely savory spice blend and maybe tossing in some caramelized onions, or leeks or something because the texture was really delicious and I can see it working well as a savory pie.

Great stuff.

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