Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sliced Strawberries with Red Wine

This is a simple delicious way to spruce up strawberries. Inspired by many of the recipes for strawberries with balsamic and black pepper I made a simple change tonight that was just delicious. Since I knew the grownups would be the only ones to eat them I made a small batch, only 6 or so large strawberries sliced.
I replaced the vinegar with a few splashes of some leftover red wine from last week. I know I know, leftover red wine is a crime but my wife and her friends failed me.

Anyway, I splashed some red wine over the berries and tossed them around, them I added a few grinds of fresh black pepper. In the time it took me to grill some tuna and eat it, the wine and black pepper had really soaked in nicely.I didn't add any sugar, well becuase I don't like sugar and berries are sweet enough for me.
I know it may sound odd but you should try it.

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