Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: LoFo

I had the opportunity to meet Abigail, one of the owners of LoFo at the recent Syracuse Coworks open house and was excited to give it a try. As it turned out we were able to go in that same day.

During our brief introduction Abigail said enough to reassure me that the menu contained a mix of vegetarian, vegan and meat-based dishes. Not that I always have to eat meat, but I do like to have my options open. They have an extensive menu of loose teas, juices and smoothies, and just began serving breakfast.

The space itself was really nice; there are not many tables available but at 1:15 on a Tuesday, we had no problem getting one. We ordered at the counter and helped ourselves to some water and cutlery.
I ordered the Roasted Root Salad and a cup of Rooibos tea, and Kerrie got the Chicken and Brie sandwich and a cup of loose black tea (neither of us remember the variety but it had a great flavor).

The roasted root salad was very pretty with a great mix of colors. The maple dijon vinaigrette was delicious, it might be a touch on the sharp side for some people's tastes. Coupled with the sweet carrots and parsnips, it was a great match. I would have love to see something even sweeter like beets in the mix, but I have a potentially unhealthy love of beets. All in all it was a great take on a hearty winter dish like roasted root vegetables in light style that I really enjoyed.

Kerrie's sandwich was a gooey delicious thing, accompanied by a small field greens salad topped with just the right amount of a light vinaigrette.

It was a satisfying meal, at a good price, in a comfortable setting, and we will be back. We are both interested in trying the breakfast.

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Mitch said...

Thanks for the review. I'll be heading there for some social media get together late in the month and I was worried that there wouldn't be anything for me to eat, seeing that I can be kind of picky sometimes. :-)