Sunday, September 12, 2010

After a week in L.A.

I have no really good food tales to relate. The best meal I had all week, and it was a great meal, was at
The Water Grill

Incredible fresh raw oysters and 1/2 a dungeness crab made for a perfect meal. Since I didn't have any of their actual menu items I can't say much else, but the bread was good and the menu looked great.

I also had time to visit a great local micro brewery owned by a Father and Son team from my home town of Scottsville. If you get to .LA. you need to go to Eagle Rock Brewery
It is in a very unassuming building with no signage but after 6 or 7 pm a food truck shows up and you can find it without much hassle. They have a really nice tasting room where you can buy their beers and a few other guest beers as well.
 The Solidarity Black Mild was really tasty, a nice light way to start. They also had a seasonal Red Rye ale that was incredible, big hoppy tastes with a grapefruit flavor that always makes me happy. The rye added another layer of flavor that mellowed out some of the bitterness and really made it a treat. Jeremy Raub and his Dad Steve have a great thing going and my only disappointment was  that I could not take any home on the plane with me.

This week it's back to my kitchen and I have a few things I put together for Kerrie's bunco night that I need to write down by request.

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