Sunday, August 29, 2010

The joys of fresh, local and well prepared.

My travel schedule of late has kept me from the blog, and cooking in general for a few weeks. I have had some great meals out at Berthas Mussels and Burkes seafood in Baltimore. I made eggplant rollantini while on vacation with eggplant from our CSA. Lots of fresh grilled veggies, summer squash, eggplant, onions.

Today we grilled some tasty grass fed sirloin steaks, some amazing sweet corn and grilled vegetables. As I was eating it, it dawned on me how much each of them tasted like the thing they are. The steak tasted like steak, nothing more than salt, pepper, olive oil and fire. The corn was boiled for just a few minutes to heat it through and that's it, it still had a nice snap to it. It tasted like corn should.
It just reinforces the message that permeates the food world at the moment. Eat as seasonally and locally as you can. If you eat animals, eat those that have been raised in a good environment and fed diets that they like and keeps them healthy. If you eat things you can't get locally (ocean seafood in Syracuse NY) do your homework, find out how the fish was raised or caught. All these little things can make a difference in the world around you, and make your food taste better. I've never been out to save the world, but if it helps the world to not eat mushy tasteless tomatoes in december then I can make that sacrifice. Ok off my soap box now. Not that I was on one. Most of this was written from a hammock after a tasty, local, sustainable meal like I have been blathering about.

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