Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CSA Week Two

Week two of CSA Season is here, if you missed last weeks list take a look here.
This weeks share includes
red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
red Russian kale
mustard greens
easter egg radishes
garlic scapes

Some of the red leaf lettuce, easter egg radishes and garlic scapes went into the salad we served with the Tarragon, Lime and Honey Tilapia

For the garlic scapes I think it may be pesto time. If you have never used garlic scapes
try to find some at your local farmers market, they will be gone soon or already gone depending on where you are. They have a very nice mild garlic flavor and can be added raw to salads or quickly cooked for a stir fry and so on. Lots of ingredients to plan for, if you have any ideas post a comment and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Funny - I just bought some "German Hardneck Garlic" at the farmer's market today, and his this conundrum.

Mark said...

Big cloves = awesome roasting garlic without the pain of having to squeeze out 30 small ones. You can do a whole lot worse than have a bunch of roasted garlic around