Thursday, June 17, 2010

Granite City Food and Brewery

So I figured I would give remote restaurant blogging a try. We shall see. When I was planning my trip to St. Cloud Minnesota I looked up breweries (as I always do) and Granite City was the only thing that came up. I was a bit put off because it is a chain, albeit a regional one. I tried the bock first and they also gave me a taste of what they call two pull which is a blend of the bock and some light thing I didn't care to learn the name of. The bock was OK but a bit thin, the two pull was a watered down version of that so there was no shot. I tried the stout next and it was a winner, nice rich malt, good coffee flavors and a smooth finish. I ordered one and was informed that they had pitchers on special for $5, hell for $5 I would have had the bock. Top that off with a really tasty prosciutto and olive flatbread pizza and I am a happy man. The pizza is a bit on the salty side, and that is a lot coming from me. Thankfully the stout cleans the salt from my palate quite nicely.

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