Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Broccoli stir fry

I won't claim to have any particular mastery over stir fry but this broccoli is always a hit, particularly with my kids so I wanted post it. May you have good luck with it.

I used this weeks CSA broccoli, my son was caressing and smelling the broccoli trees in a way I'm not entirely comfortable with so I asked him if he would like me to cook it, he did so I did. It didn't really go with the Indian inspired meal I was preparing but hey my kids love this broccoli so who am I to refuse.

Broccoli (as much as you want to use, I find 3 crowns about the right amount depending on the size)
granulated garlic
soy sauce
vegetable oil
sesame oil

I go back and forth between my wok and my Calphalon everyday pan
My wok is kind of a cheap nonsitck job and it works just fine  but I just like the feel of the calphalon and the wider bottom allows me to get more broccoli in contact with the surface of the pan when it is smoking hot.

Add enough vegetable oil to almost coat the bottom of the pan then add a couple tsp of sesame oil, heat until the oil is almost smoking then toss in your broccoli, toss the broccoli to get it coated with the oil, a minute or two, then sprinkle with a tsp of granulated garlic, toss to combine then add some soy sauce, maybe a couple of teaspoons. reduce the heat and cook until the soy sauce is almost completely absorbed then just sprinkle the sake on to deglaze the pan, cook for another few minutes and serve

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