Monday, July 19, 2010

A (mostly) Local BLT

BLT's are summer for me. I have such fond memories of eating BLT's with my family, big plates of toast, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and bacon all waiting to be assembled. A slather of mayo and I was in heaven. The combination of textures and flavors in a BLT are just perfect.

We bought some Bacon from sweet grass farm this past Saturday and I knew a BLT was in my future. Added to that were some fresh sourdough from the market, lettuce from our CSA, and some local tomatoes, they were hothouse tomatoes so not quite perfect yet but they were still tasty.  The only non local ingredient was some mayo on the bread, I know I can make my own, I just haven't done so yet. Anyone have a good homemade mayo recipe?

Local week continues and it is fantastic. Burgers tonight, more Sweet Grass ground beef, bacon and local blue cheese on home made rolls coming up for dinner.

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