Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CSA Week 3

Well CSA week three is here and all the hot weather of late has really meant a lot of salads. This week will be more of the same with a couple of exceptions that make me a happy man.

This weeks share includes
red leaf lettuce
green leaf lettuce
Swiss Chard
Sugar Snap Peas
Purplette onions
garlic scapes
Easter Egg radishes 

When we picked up last night, a bunch of this went into salads for dinner. Some of the peas, one of the onions (I love these onions, tender, sweet, good raw or cooked) the green leaf lettuce , some radishes and one of the garlic scapes were all on tap. We had some red peppers around as well so one of those got chopped up. In order to get some protein into dinner we opened a can a tuna. Kerrie elected to just toss hers in to the salad Antipasto style in an effort to avoid mayo. I wanted more of a traditional tuna salad so I mixed the tuna with the onion, garlic, radishes, red peppers and added a couple of tablespoons of thick Greek yogurt and some salt and pepper. We had seen that as a substitution option in the past but always thought it sounded weird, it was delicious. I think the balsamic vinaigrette dressing really blended well with the yogurt to give it the kind of tangy flair you want out of mayo but in a much healthier style.

The exciting element from this weeks share is Swiss Chard, it is one of my favorite greens. I think this batch is destined for Swiss Chard soup which I will post later this week when I make it.

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